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Body Temperature Fahrenheit To Celsius Conversion

This worked example problem demonstrates how to convert Fahrenheit measurements to the Celsius and Kelvin temperature scales. Problem Express normal body temperature, 98.6 °F, in  °C and K. Solution The Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion equation may be expressed in this form:F ° 1.8( °C) 32Enter 98,6 for the F °98.6 1.8( °C) 321.8( °C) 98.6 - 321.8( °C) 66.6 °C 66.6/1.8 °C 37.0To solve for Kelvin:K  °C 273K 37.0 273K 310 Answer 98.6  °F is equal to 37.0 °C and 310 K

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Early Childhood Psychosocial Development Essay - 1307 Words

Introduction Developmental psychology is the scientific study of changes that occur in human throughout the life span. The development starts from infant until old age. Childhood is a time of tremendous change, but people also continue to grow slowly and develop during adulthood. It is a continuous process with a predictable sequence. These developmental changes may be influenced by genetic factor, environment factor and maturation factor. There are three types of human development changes: physical development, cognitive development and psychosocial development. Our group member’s choice is psychosocial development in early childhood. Early childhood is the children that range at the aged 3 to 5 years. Erik Erikson’s theory of†¦show more content†¦He came up with a new theory called psychosocial theory. This theory is focusing on personality development. He proposes a life-span model of human development which includes eight successive psychosocial stages. Each stage associate with conflict or crisis that the individual must encounter and successfully resolve (Justin T.Sokol, 2009). For example, the first stage: trust vs. mistrust. The first stage of Erikson’s theory occurs between birth and one year of age and is the most fundamental stage in life. In this stage, the infant is uncertain about the world. They start to questioning many thing like is that guys a good guys? They develop mist rust which is good because they will be more aware of the environment. That’s why when a children is given to someone they didn’t know, they will start crying because they have develop mistrust with stranger. This picture is taken from the reality show that I watch recently. The babies who trust the father start crying because his father feed him something that he doesn’t like. The baby will develop mistrust whenever his father wants to feed him after this. He will be more careful and picky because he develops mistrust whenever his father wants to feed him. Early childhood at the age of three to five, Erik Erikson’s psychosocial theory stage 3 is initiative vs. guilt.Show MoreRelatedChildhood Obesity and Its Effect1260 Words   |  6 PagesChildhood obesity is considered to be a serious issue among our youth. Obesity can cause many types of physical problems, which most are aware of, but it can also cause some undesirable internal feelings within childre n and adolescents who suffer from it. Self-esteem, or self-worth, is important as it helps develop personality and is a major ingredient to our mental health status (Wang, F. and Veugelers, P. J., 2008). Some have said obesity may even have a negative effect on cognitive developmentRead MoreEarly Puberty And Childhood Social And Behavioral Adjustment1337 Words   |  6 PagesMy research focuses primarily on Early Puberty and Childhood Social and Behavioral Adjustment. Early puberty has been connected to increased rates of mental health problems in adolescence. However, despite previous studies starting after the initiation of puberty being unable to explore whether early puberty is leading to higher rates of these problems. Puberty marks a changeover in mental health, with the differences in predominance rate and sex ratios of mental and behavioral disorders after theRead MoreErik Erikson s Explanation Of Psychosocial Development1504 Words   |  7 PagesErik Erikson s explanation of psychosocial development is one of the best-known theories of personality in psychology. The term psychosocial development is the pattern of change in emotions, personality and social relationship (â€Å"A Child’s World† 10). Erikson believed that the achievements and failures of earlier stages influence later stages, whereas later stages change and transform earlier ones. His theory shows the impact on social relationships throughout one’s entire life. Each individualRead MoreErikson s Theory Of Social Involvement Across The Entire Lifespan Essay1553 Words   |  7 PagesDuring our lives, everyone goes through a change and evolves in different ways. However, in the field of psychology as far as devel opment, the process of growing and maturing has been previously linked only with childhood. One of the first theorists Erik Erickson felt that development continues throughout life. Erickson believes that each stage in life resembles to specific opportunities that the society might have. Erickson’s theory defines the impact of social involvement across the entire lifespanRead MoreChildhood Development : Child And Adolescent Psychology1265 Words   |  6 PagesAdolescent Psychology Early Childhood Development Unit 9 Assignment Kenneth Peter Smith PS220 December 18, 2014 Professor Linda Smith So what goes on during Early Childhood - ages 3 to 6. Development is very crucial in every aspect of childhood but why is it important during early childhood? What goes on during this time frame in a child’s life that’s going to dictate every aspect of the child’s life for now and evermore? Is this stage of a child’s development even important to theRead MoreErik Erikson s Psychosocial Theory Essay1155 Words   |  5 Pagesmany methods for studying human social development. In Erik Erikson’s psychosocial theory, social interactions are an important and determining factor of lifespan development. Although Erikson was influenced by many of Sigmund Freud’s studies, his studies were based upon psychosocial development versus psychosexual development. Erikson, like Freud, emphasized the importance of childhood on personality development, but unlike Freud, he believed that development occurred across the entire lifespan. Read MoreUnderstanding and Developing Essay1088 Words   |  5 Pageslife. Human development occurs at different stages, throughout the life span. A child will experience many milestones from birth to toddlerhood, throughout early and middle childhood, and several theories for these milestones. Sigmund Freud, Jean Piaget, an d Erik Erikson classify their different theories of the stages of life in three unique domains: physical, cognitive, and psychosocial/emotional. Infancy/Toddlerhood (0-3) and Domain Physical The physical domain of lifespan development is continuallyRead MoreErikson s Psychosocial Theory : Development Of Ego Identity1293 Words   |  6 PagesZoi Arvanitidis 05/16/17 ECEE-310 Dr.Alkins Studying Erikson’s Psychosocial theory Erik Erikson was a student of another theorist, Sigmund Freud. Erikson expanded on Freud’s psychosexual theory. Erikson later developed the psychosocial theory. This theory described the effect of one’s social experiences throughout one’s whole lifespan. One of the main elements of Erikson’s psychosocial theory is the development of ego identity. Ego identity is the conscious sense of self that we developRead MoreTechnology Play: Advantages and Disadvantages for Development and Learning1724 Words   |  7 Pagesup in a technology environment. It is within this environment that traditional concepts of play are being influenced. Early childhood settings reflect children’s environments therefore the introduction of technology would be a natural consequence. Play is central to children’s development and learning, consequently technology play is influential. To benefit children’s development and learning, technology play has to be inclu sive and developmentally appropriate with attention to technology placementRead MoreAnalysis Of Inside Out1238 Words   |  5 PagesAbstract This paper explores the development of Riley Andersen, the 11-year old protagonist in the Walt Disney Studios film Inside Out. When Riley is forced to move to San Francisco with her family, viewers witness her struggle to work though her developmental tasks and her psychosocial crisis. Although she had once been successful in her stages of development, her transition to a new home and a new school negatively impacts her emotions and causes a regression in her developmental tasks. With

Nursing Practice in Relation- Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about theNursing Practice in Relation to Complex PainManagement Answer: Introduction Nurses make decisions in their profession that should take into account laws as well as ethical standards. Therefore, to make the necessary decision as a nurse, you should have a clear understanding on how the law, ethics and nursing practice works. This essay addresses the nursing practice relating to complex pain management, pharmacology issues, and the patient-nurse relationship. It provides a compelling case study of Tom, a 55-year-old Aboriginal male with lung cancer and multiple metastases. The Toms case study will be used throughout the essay to point out how legal as well as ethical factors affect the nursing practice. It will also look at how nurses should consider both aspects of legal ethical issues when making decisions in the nursing practice Understanding Pain and Pain Management in Nursing Pain is commonly experienced as well as widely expressed in the nursing field. It occurs in up to 80% of patients having advanced cancer like the case of Tom as well as almost 60% of patients dying of other illnesses (Anderson and Devitt 2004). With the availability of analgesics, theres no pharmacological reason as to why cancer patients need to continue enduring pain. However, with the growth in the palliative care unit, pain managementt approach has been practiced in many hospitals so as to relieve both pain and anxiety in patients. In the case study presented, significance to provide safe palliate care especially to the Aboriginal Australians is three core principles that should be practiced. First, there should be engagement with the Aboriginal groups as well as personal when planning, providing as well as monitoring palliates care. This will ascertain that the cultural requirements of the Aboriginals are addressed as well as the preferences of a patient or his families are look ed upon. Some of the ways that can be used to engage Aboriginal societies include; referring to an Aboriginal Liaison health worker. In the case study, the nurse, Sarah engages Nancy, an Aboriginal liaison officer on the issue of Tom. She asks for support as well as advice from the Liaison officer on how to go about caring for her patient plus his family. Later on, they acknowledge the need for a traditional healer when Jimmy (Toms son) decides to call his uncle, where they plan for a teleconference meeting. Another core principle when communication with Aboriginal Indigenous Australians is to converse with the patient, relatives, and friends, Aboriginal health worker as well as communities in a manner that value the safety of their culture (Grace et al.2011). These communications may require the nurse to complete a detailed clinical assessment of the patient, shun from using medical terminologies as well as allocate more time for meaningful discussions among other requirements. All these requirements we have mentioned above are evident in the case study where Tom with his family as well as a nurse and the aboriginal health officer are discussing the assessment of Toms condition. Lastly, information should be provided to allow safe palliative care for the non-indigenous Australians. Through this, every healthcare worker including nurses should have cultural safety training. Also, workplace relationships, as well as a partnership with the indigenous liaison workers should be building so as to boost the practical understanding of the staff when it comes to providing safe care. According to Liaw et al. (2011) Pain management entails different types of experiences throughout the life cycle of a person. These experiences can either be acute or chronic from the chronic worsening or pain a symptom of a patient receiving palliative care. Pain can either be psychological, emotional, physiological or spiritual. In the nursing practice, it should be noted that every patient has right to receive effective pain management. Pain assessment as well as management is essential for alleviating excruciating pain. In managing pain, nurses use pharmacological or non-pharmacological techniques to ease the pain the patient is going through. Management of pain by older people might be a complicated process because of the alteration in diminished pain sensation as well as consciousness, which might make it hard for the patient to converse with his family members about the extent of pain as well as the adequacy of managing it. Wynne et al. holds that, a drug history is necessary for treating pain, especially for the older patients since they might be on different medications. This is because its necessary to avoid drug interactions as a registered nurse. Besides, pain management techniques arent invasive although invasive techniques such as the use of locally made anesthetics might be applied in some instances (Pereira 2017). Palliative Care and Pain Management A study published in the England journal Medicine showed that palliative care aids in managing symptoms and ease pain. It is also vital for cancer treatment especially for individuals with metastatic lung cancer. The same study showed that people who had palliative care that was offered immediately after being diagnosed with cancer suffered little depression were hard to get the end of life care, and most important of all, lived longer. Metastatic cancer implies that the cancer was caught late and it has spread to other parts of the body such as the heart, the brain, and the bone thus making cancer inoperable as well as incurable. However, there are some medications that have been found to prolong the lifespan if the patient for months and some for a few years. Unfortunately most of these, treatments have adverse side effects since they entail radiation treatment daily and do not even provide relief for the late stage lung cancer. Another study published in the medical journal focuse d on patients with lung cancer as well as difficulties breathing. In the case study used in this essay, the nurse noticed that his patient has difficulties in breathing and that his condition had worsened from the last time he came to the hospital. In the second study mentioned above, 50% of the patients were given breathlessness support devices while the other patients were not (Vos et al. 2009). The support services entailed respiratory medicine, occupational therapy, and palliative care. Seven months later, it was realized that the patients who received the support devices had less trouble breathing plus were much likely to be alive. Such devices helped those patients breathe easily. However, they only improved the survival period for patients with COPD and not those with cancer. Another study that analyzed 14 people of palliative care found that those who had at least one palliative care spends almost four days fewer in the ICU Commonly Used Analgesic for Managing Pain in Lung Cancer Patients Morphine is a potent opioid used to ease cancer pain. A particular receptor mediates its effects within the CNS and peripherally. McGrath (2010) argues that morphines key action is on the smooth muscles, but in the presence of inflammation, a silent receptor gets activated. Opioids are administered intravenously, sublingually, orally, as well as intravenously with respect to its indication as well as routes for administration. Both sustained as well as immediate release preparations have the same analgesic effects. Also, both opioids and laxatives need to be prescribed at the same time so as to alleviate the start of opioid-induced constipation. Morphine is administered orally, and it requires either regular or modified release. The previous analgesic treatment should determine the starting dosage. In the case study, the nurse talks about getting his patient some drugs to ease the pain as well as problem breathing (McGrath 2010). When the aboriginal liaison officer inquiries the pati ent about his pain as well as trouble breathing, the patient responds by saying that he does not want to be put on morphine because he does not want to be drowsy. He responds by saying that his aunt was given morphine that made her drowsy and died the following day Patient Nurse Relationship According to Pink and Allbon (2008) non-aboriginal medical professionals are adopting a holistic strategy of providing advice as well as care for their patients. What they need to do is practice humility through respecting local traditions as well as being cautious not to impose their values. They should know that health entails physical, emotional, spiritual as well as intellectual wellbeing. Besides, they should work hand in hand with other multi-disciplinarians and put in health representatives from the community. They should be sensitive to cultural care. For instance, less eye contact might be okay, but patients may be good with long silences as well they might not answer direct questions. In the self-contained societies, what may happen to a person might affect his family but the entire community. Aboriginal people may be conversing in the second language so that they might need a translator as well might be uncomfortable questioning an individual who is seen to have much knowl edge plus power. As a matter of fact, there are excellent publications authored by the aboriginal scientists as well as Aboriginal medical professionals (Pereira 2017). Such people are properly positioned to know the core issues in the Aboriginal health as well as have greater knowledge plus practical recommendations. References Anderson, I. and Devitt, J., 2004. Providing culturally appropriate palliative care to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples: Discussion Paper. Australian Government Department of Health and Aging, editor. Wodonga: The National Palliative Care Program. Chapman, Y., Francis, K. and Birks, M., 2014. Understanding the community. Rural Nursing: The Australian Context, p.34. Grace, J., Krom, I., Maling, C., Butler, T. and Midford, R., 2011. Review of Indigenous offender health. Lee, V., 2014. Public Health Association of Australia submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission: National Childrens Commissioner examination of intentional self-harm and suicidal behaviour in children Liaw, S.T., Lau, P., Pyett, P., Furler, J., Burchill, M., Rowley, K. and Kelaher, M., 2011. Successful chronic disease care for Aboriginal Australians requires cultural competence. Australian and New Zealand journal of public health, 35(3), pp.238-248. Marmot, M., 2005. Social determinants of health inequalities. The Lancet, 365(9464), pp.1099-1104. McGrath, P., 2010. The living model: an Australian model for Aboriginal palliative care service delivery with international implications. Journal of Palliative Care, 26(1), p.59. Pereira-Salgado, A., Mader, P. and Boyd, L.M., 2017. Advance care planning, culture and religion: an environmental scan of Australian-based online resources. Australian Health Review. Pink, B. and Allbon, P., 2008. The health and welfare of Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Canberra: Commonwealth of Australia. Taylor, K. and Guerin, P., 2010. Health care and Indigenous Australians: cultural safety in practice. Macmillan Education AU. Vos, T., Barker, B., Begg, S., Stanley, L. and Lopez, A.D., 2009. Burden of disease and injury in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples: the Indigenous health gap. international Journal of Epidemiology, 38(2), pp.470-477. Wynne-Jones, M., Hillin, A., Byers, D., Stanley, D., Edwige, V. and Brideson, T., Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet.

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Internationalization of the Business

Introduction In the highly dynamic arena of business, strategic management through internationalization has been an increasingly discussed subject. With regards to internalization of business, strategic management can be generally described as the process of designing a long-term business plan that is aims at realizing organizational goals, sustaining organizational efficacy and producing a work plan that streamlines the operations of the business over a particular (Meldrum, 2000; Hedstrom et al., 1998).Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Internationalization of the Business specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In internationalization, the major focus is normally on expanding the tentacles of a business beyond national borders. This is mostly done for a number of reasons including (but not limited to): help increase markets for our goods and services, take advantage of technological advantages brought by venturing int o other countries, help in reduction of expenditure costs while augmenting the making of profits and encourage business diversifications, among many others (Hurn, 2009 Mintzberg, 1994). In this paper, academic spotlight is going to be on the internationalization of Elecdyne; a Japanese company located in Tokyo. Essentially, Elecdyne has been in operation since 1990 and it mainly deals with electronic consumer goods like VCR players, DVD players, hi-fi equipment, and Stereo equipment, among many others. Initially, the company began with as few as 5 employees. An increase in the demand for its goods and services, however, led to an increase in staff to over 100 workers so as to serve its many clients. Unfortunately, due to a number of challenges that this multinational company has been facing over the recent times, the managers are seeking to internationalize the operations of the company. In doing so, three potential countries—Brazil, China and Sweden—have been chosen for the purpose of this internationalization. A rigorous assessment of the country that is most suitable for this internationalization is going to be done below—majorly based on the relevant data that was gathered in assignment one. Even more importantly, appropriate analytical frameworks—the SWOT and PESTEL analysis—will be used to undertake a weighted internal and external analysis of these three countries while intermittently comparing them with Japan so as clearly show the country that will be best suited for the internationalization. All these explicative analyses of Brazil, China and Sweden, in relations to Elecdyne’s internationalization agendas, are succinctly done in the section below.Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Weighted analysis of the three countries (External Factors) In conducting a weighted analysis of the suitability of Brazil , China and Sweden for Elecdyne’s internationalization, several multidimensional factors come into play. It is for this reason that this section uses the PESTEL (Political, Economic, Social, Environmental and Legal) analysis so as to do a circumspect analysis of these countries. Notably, the weightings of these countries will be based on the suitability and relevance of these countries to Elecdyne’s planned internationalization structure. The numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3 will be used to show the risk involved whereby 1 signifies less risky (suitable), 2 signifies moderately risky (moderately suitable), and 3 signifies highly risky (less suitable). The more risky a country is, based on the factors stipulated below, the less suitable it is in terms of satisfying Elecdyne’s internationalization plans and vice versa. Political and Legal Political/Legal risk Japan Brazil China Sweden Government Type Parliamentary government Federal republic Federal Republic Constitutio nal monarchy Political Instability 1 2 3 1 War Risks 2 3 3 1 Labor Freedom 1 2 1 2 Stringency of Legal Rules 2 2 2 1 Average 1.5 2.25 2.25 1.25 Economic Economic risks Japan Brazil China Sweden GDP Growth (Purchasing power) Moderately growing 2 Very Slow growth 3 Highly growing 1 Slowly growing 2 Globalization/ Urbanization (more industrialization, equals less risk) Moderately industrialized 2 Least industrialized 3 Highly industrialized 1 Moderately industrialized 2 Inflation (High equals less stability) Moderate Inflation 2 High Inflation 3 Low inflation 1 Moderate inflation 2 Dependency on other countries Moderately dependent 2 Highly dependent 3 Least dependent 1 Moderately dependent 2 Public Debt (low debt equals less risk) Moderate 2 High 3 Low 1 Moderate 2 Inflows of FDI 1 2 1 2 Unemployment (high equals more FDI opportunities) Moderate unemployment levels 2 Moderate unemployment levels 2 Moderate unemployment levels 2 Low unemployment levels 3 Taxes (high taxes equals less potential profits) Moderate taxation 2 Moderate taxation 2 High taxation 3 Moderate taxation 2 Availability of Consumer Electronic Market Moderately available 2 Moderately available 1 Highly available 1 Moderately available 2 Average 1.44 2.44 1.33 2.11 Social/ Cultural/ Environmental Social/ cultural/ environment Risks Japan Brazil China Sweden Accommodating/ Sociable Moderately sociable 2 Highly sociable 1 Highly Sociable 1 Highly Sociable 1 Freedoms (More freedom equals better markets) Moderate freedoms 2 High freedoms 2 Less freedoms 3 High freedoms 1 Equity and equality Moderate 2 High 1 Moderate 2 High 1 Population Density (high equals better) Moderately Populated 2 Densely Populated 1 Densely populated 1 Moderately Populated 2 Average 2 1.25 1.75 1.25 Technology Technological Risks Japan Brazil China Sweden Electronic Technology (thus (easily compatible with Elecdyne Greatly advanced 1 Less advanced 3 Greatly advanced 1 Moderately advanced 2 Need for Technology (thus market availability) Relative need 3 Great need 1 Relative need 3 Moderate need 2 Average 2 2 2 2 Based on the above external analysis (using the PESTEL business tool), the key issues with regards to Elecdyne’s internationalization can be summarized as follows: Risk/Suitability Japan Brazil China Sweden Political and Legal 1.5 2.25 2.25 1.25 Economic 1.44 2.44 1.33 2.11 Social/ Cultural/ Environmental 2 1.25 1.75 1.25 Technological 2 2 2 2 Average 1.985 1.8325 1.6525 Furthermore, the following key factors, regarding Elecdyne’s internationalization, can be deductively represented as follows: Factor Japan Brazil China Sweden Cost minimization 3 3 2 2 Access to technology 1 2 1 1 Market Access/ Size 3 1 1 1 Risk Factors (Economic and Political) 2 3 2 2 Culture Fit 2 1 3 1 Average 2 1.8 1.4 Summary In both summaries, it is indicatively eminent that despite the fact that Brazil, Ch ina and Sweden are viable markets for Elecdyne’s internationalization. In business, the least risks presented by a market, the better it is in terms of facilitating the prospected ideas (Ormanidhi Stringa, 2008). And from the analysis done above, Sweden apparently averages better (the lower the average, the more suitable) and is therefore the best place for implementing Elecdyne’s internationalization plans. Of course there are a couple of instances that both Brazil and China average similarly (like in market access) or better than Sweden but, in overall; Sweden presents a more balanced market for Elecdyne’s internationalization. List of References Hedstrom, G., Poltorzycki, S., Strob, P. 1998. Sustainable development: the next generation of business opportunity. Prism, 4: 5–19.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Internationalization of the Business specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Hu rn, B., 2009. Will international business always speak? Industrial and Commercial Training, 41 (6), 299-304. Meldrum, D., 2000. Country risk and foreign direct investment. Business Economics, 35 (1), 33-41. Mintzberg, H., 1994. The rise and fall of strategic planning: reconceiving roles of planning, plans, planners. New York: Simon and Schuster. Ormanidhi, O. Stringa, O., 2008. Porter’s Model of Generic Competitive Strategies. Business Economics, 43 (3), 55-64. How to Internationalize Having known the most viable country for its market expansion plans, Elecdyne needs to choose a fitting method of internationalizing Sweden. The available options for this venture include licensing, exporting and Foreign Direct Investment (commonly abbreviated as FDI). Choosing the licensing option will be unsuitable based on the fact that majority of Elecdyne’s technological licenses are held by other related companies thus cannot be re-licensed. Although exporting is a good way of acce ssing new marketing avenues, it is known for not being able to reduce costs or improve the access to technology—which are two key factorial considerations in internationalization (Thill Bovà ©e, 2008). Resultantly, Elecdyne will not be able to adequately achieve its goals of reducing costs while concomitantly gaining access to technologies. This, therefore, leaves Elecdyne with FDI as its only option. However, in using FDI, several options are availed. These include Joint-venture, merger/acquisition and Greenfield site. A summative SWOT analysis of these three options, with regards to the key factors for internationalization, is given in the table below.Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Factor Joint Venture Merger/Acquisition Greenfield site Cost minimization Cost shared with the local partner high integration costs incurred when adapting to parent MNE High liability of newness cost in the verge of adapting to host country Access to technology Partners can easily steal technologies Gives access to new technologies Does not allow access to other’s technologies Market Access/ Size Allows access to new markets Allows access to new markets Allows access to new markets Risk Factors (Economic and Political) Greatly reduces economic and political risks Relatively more economic and political risks when compared to the joint venture Highest political and economic risks in comparison to all other FDIs Culture Fit Culture conflicts can arise occasionally Culture conflicts tend to be prevalent Establishment of independent operating routines reduced culture conflicts Summary Going by the intricacies of these FDI options, the joint venture would best fit S weden. This is because the joint venture presents immense potential cost benefits for Elecdyne who direly need cost minimization more than any other thing. Of course the joint venture is not the best when it comes to technology access and culture fit, but all these can be overlooked based on the relative similarity of Japan and Sweden in terms of their culture and technological progress. Learning institutions like universities tend to provide good markets for electronic equipment. As a recommendation, Elecdyne should therefore prioritize such institutions when sourcing for potential joint-venture partners. List of References Thill J. V., Bovà ©e C. L., 2008. Excellence in business communication. Chicago: Pearson Education Limited. Products to develop Considering reports on the nature of the Swedish market, there is a great need for home entertainment, networking with other people across the world and staying trendy with the latest technological gadgets in the market (George, 2002) . The following products would, therefore, be best for the internationalization in Sweden. Firstly, Sweden has been, reportedly, improved in terms of its access to the internet and more people are increasingly sourcing for internet tools. Providing Wi-Fi and broadband items to the targeted Swedish market would perform greatly. This will satiate the need to network with the rest of the world (Windsperger, 2004). Secondly, the use of satellite televisions and LCD TVs has been greatly received across the world. Providing these to the Swedish market would be hugely rewarding based on the fact that few companies in Sweden can manufacture such products. A majority of the public thus relies on exports from countries like USA (Hennigan, 2010). Providing such products at a fair price would, undoubtedly, be a great success. In addition, owning products of this nature would satisfy the need to stay trendy. Thirdly and lastly, for the purposes of home entertainment, providing video game equipme nts for popular games played across the world—would be very effective. Today, video games are played not only by children but even adults. Providing these games to the enthusiastic and receptive Swedish market would definitely result in huge success—in terms of costs as well as socialization (Allwood, 2003). As glimpsed before, the Swedish market is a highly enthusiastic market that easily accepts change—especially when it comes to beneficial stuff. So apart from these three prioritized products, other products and services can also be provided for purposes of maximizing the potential of the Swedish market (Hedstrom et al. 1998). However, if only one product is to be selected, the video game console, providing internet equipment like WI-FI would be my best pick based on the bon-fire effect it has had across the world. Conclusion From the analysis and discussions that have presented in this paper, it is inherently clear that the process of internationalization is a highly involving one that needs several factors to be cautiously considered. Additionally, all these factors—whether internal or external—are interdependently related to one another and in order to succeed in internationalization; all of them should be precariously factored. For example, through political and legal stability in the external environment, economic markets can be easily controlled. Again, technological advances and developments in information, communication, and technology have also been able to greatly affect internal business processes. A good example is the replacement of human labor with computers which are able to do certain jobs easily and devoid of errors. Consequently, in its internationalization agendas, Elecdyne should ensure that all these factors are well implemented so as to facilitate the success of its operations. List of References Allwood, J., 2003. Are there Swedish patterns of communication? Web. George, Y. S., 2002. Gender, science, and technology in higher education and research in Sweden: five years after national policies implementation. Web. Hedstrom, G., Poltorzycki, S., Strob, P. 1998. Sustainable development: the next generation of business opportunity. Prism, 4: 5–19. Hennigan, M., 2010. Sweden tops rankings of global technology report for first time; Ireland remains at 24th rank behind Belgium and United Arab Emirates. Web. Windsperger, J., 2004. Economics and management of franchising networks. OH: Springer. This report on Internationalization of the Business was written and submitted by user Kody D. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Second-Hand Smoke essays

Second-Hand Smoke essays In recent years, the cigarette industry has come under attack for a variety of issues, including second-hand smoke. It is important to examine the effect this second-hand smoke has on non-smokers. The use of tobacco "remains the leading preventable cause of death in the United States, causing more than 440,000 deaths each year and resulting in an annual cost of more the $75 billion in direct medical expenses. Nationally, smoking results in more than 5.6 million years of potential (" People who are exposed to secondhand smoke run the risk of dying from the third leading cause of preventable death in the United States. There are thousands of chemicals, many which are extremely toxic, released in tobacco smoke, and this smoke is the only source of most of these chemicals. "Some of the smoke is inhaled by the smoker, but a larger amount of smoke is released into the air. Two-thirds of the smoke from a cigarette is not inhaled by the smoker (" Secondhand smoke (SHS), "sometimes referred to as environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), is a mixture of the smoke given off by the burning ends of a cigarette, pipe, cigar, bidis, and kreteks (sidestream smoke) and the smoke emitted at the mouthpiece and exhaled from the lungs of smokers (mainstream smoke) (>)." The smoke inhaled by the smoker contains almost the exact same chemicals as found in secondhand smoke, however, secondhand smoke may actually contain a higher chemical concentration. Secondhand smoke is composed from a "complex combination of more than 4,000 chemicals, and includes irritants and systemic poisons such as hydrogen cyanide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia and formaldehyde. Secondhand smoke contains "at least 250 chemicals known to be toxic or caus...

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Business Information Systems Design and Implementation

In the provided case scenario, it is observed that the management of August Online Technology has intended to conduct a financial analysis for the next eight years based on its i e, expenses and tax among others. There are several indicators to evaluate the future potential of the pany among which the ou e of net i e after tax can clearly depict the possible profitability in the near future. Analyzing the overall financial performance is the most essential practice that enables the pany to not only recognizes its own capability but also helps to pare its financial position with other rival panies as well as the external market requirements (Waghmode & Sawant, 2014). Goal seek analysis is considered to be the most essential practice through which the pany can have knowledge regarding the possible practices as per its financial abilities (Waghmode & Sawant, 2014). The following pictorial illustration (Figure 1) clearly depicts that the sales of the pany is expected to increase within the next eight years with the support of the product X. The annual revenue of the pany in the initial year is around $50,373,252, which is expected to increase up to $77,498,088 as shown in the below mentioned diagram. The estimated sales have been calculated based on the total unit sold in the previous years and average sales growth rate prises of $235,411 and 3.25%. The provided scenario describes that the pany has increased the overall sales every year as well as the price of the products are also increased by 3%. Thus, based on these elements, the sales of the next years have been calculated accordingly, which is found to be steadily increasing thereby representin g higher profitability for the pany. Considering the goal-seek analysis, there are certain elements on which the sales growth rate largely depends such as annual price growth, annual sales growth and the previous year’s sales. Now, in case the average of the annual sales growth rate gets decreased, the revenue or annual sales will also be reduced. For instance, in the Year 6 and Year 7 the pany failed to perform due to which the sale growth rate b e -2% and -3%. Therefore, the overall sales of the pany for Year 7 and Year 8 will be reduced from the estimated figure. The stated fact can be elaborated with the help of the following diagram (Figure 2), wherein it is clearly represented that the sales of Year 7 and Year 8 has been reduced due to the changes made in the average growth rate. Thus, based on the understanding obtained from the goal seek analysis, it can be r mended that the pany must require the maintainenance of its estimated growth rate as the minimum point to attain the target sales within the particular period. However, from the diagram (Figure 2), it has also been apparent that after reducing the average growth rate and price increase rate for two years, the pany sales still continues to increase in the Year 7, which reduces in the last year. From this instance, it can be assumed that the pany has high potential in the near future, as it has the capability to face financial loss without slowing down the sales growth. Based on the financial performance of the pany, it has been apparent that the pany can develop its revenue along with higher profitability even in this petitive market (Fridson & Alvarez, 2011). The following pictorial illustration (Figure 3) represents the overall financial projection value of the pany, which has steadily been increased with time and at the end of eight years the pany is expected to earn approximately $23,171,928. Concerning the expenses, advertising the product as shown in the above diagram (Figure 3), cost of web services, maintenance of the production or operation, rent of the corporate space, salaries to the involved workers, cost related to shipping the products to the end users and supply chain expenses are the estimated elements based on which the total expenses has been calculated. All the expenses apart from maintenance are calculated through particular percentages, which have been elaborated below: The net i e of the pany has been calculated based on all these expenses and the overall expected sales or the product during this particular period. The following diagram (Figure 4) depicts the projected net i e that the pany can attain from the product X, which has steadily been increased by the end of the Year 8. Thus, it is apparent that the pany can largely concentrate on maintaining the growth rate with the support of developed strategies and well-managed workforce, which will eventually help to provide the estimated ou e at the end of the period. Apart from this, it is also worth mentioning that the pany can easily enhance the target arena as it has higher financial capability, and can support to bear the possible loss due to new entrants (Fridson & Alvarez, 2011).   The August Online Technology has aimed to enhance the revenue for the product X with the support of new market trends such as internet. Based on the projected financial analysis, it can be stated that the pany has high potential in future, as the net i e is estimated to increase steadily over the period of time. Therefore, the pany can concentrate on enhancing the sales volume of the product by investing in marketing. In this regard, it is worth mentioning that online marketing has b e a huge medium for organizations in the present context, wherein through a particular platform the marketers can target the entire global arena (Fang & Zhou, 2012). The August Online Technology can also utilize the internet source to market the product X, which will help to make the huge numbers of customers aware of the product, thereby enhancing the overall sales volume. Nowadays, every age group of people prefers to use online sources for obtaining information regarding the products in terms of reviews and customers’ feedback. Therefore, with the support of the web designer or developer, the pany can create an online platform for placing the product in front of the target population. There are several services provided by the panies through online forum in the current market to retain the potential customers (Yannopoulos, 2011). However, parallel to creating a website, the August Online Technology also needs to maintain transparent munication with the customers. The pany can develop the website in such a manner through which the customers can provide their feedback or share their experience with the product. This can on one hand help the pany to improve the product quality, while on the other hand the customers can also get attracted due to this facility as they are also valued by the management in the decision making. On the other hand, web publishing is also considered to be another suitable activity to attract customers in this world of immense petition. Internet has b e a huge part of the daily life schedule of the individuals for which the marketers has also initiated to portray all the required information on the social media website (Fang & Zhou, 2012). Taking the reference from the stated fact, August Online Technology can also utilize web publishing as their promotional tool, wherein it will publish all the promotional activities through the pany website as well as other social media websites to make the customers aware regarding their new policies or offers. Security threat has b e the most crucial aspect, which is continuously increasing across the globe and has caused a serious concern for panies to ensure product privacy to the customers (Alabady, 2009). There are numerous threats in security risks or network attacks among which hacking majorly affects the privacy maintenance. Since the pany will be maintaining an online platform, it has huge security risks in terms of hacking. Due to the process of hacking, it is possible that the hackers will extract the required information from the pany website or the pany will not be able to control the website. Apart from this, other security risks include snooping and eavesdropping, which are regarded as the threat to accessing the pany secure data by any unauthorized person without the consent of the pany management (Padmavathi & Shanmugapriya, 2009). While developing online forum or maintaining the platform, August Online Technology needs to concentrate on such aspects to avoid network attack s and ensure security of products to the customers.   Alabady, S 2009, â€Å"Design and implementation of a network security model for cooperative network†, International Arab Journal of e-Technology, vol. 1, no. 2, pp. 26-36. Fang, X. & Zhou, Y 2012, â€Å"Internet-future business development focus†, American Journal of Industrial and Business Management, vol. 2, pp. 85-88. Fridson, M. S. & Alvarez F 2011, Financial statement analysis: A practitioner's guide, John Wiley & Sons, United States. Padmavathi, D.G. & Shanmugapriya, M 2009, â€Å"A survey of attacks, security mechanisms and challenges in wireless sensor networks†, International Journal of puter Science and Information Security, vol. 4, no. 2, pp. 1-9. Waghmode, M. L. & Sawant, S. B 2014, â€Å"International journal of advance research in puter science and management studies†, International Journal, vol. 2, no. 3, pp. 419-423. Yannopoulos, P 2011, â€Å"Impact of the internet on marketing strategy formulation†, International Journal of Business and Social Science, vol. 2, no. 18, pp. 1-7. Getting academic assistance from

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Social policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Social policy - Essay Example Social policy in United Kingdom is inclined towards conservatism policies. According to Spicker (1991: 9), the concept of ‘subsidiarity’ can be a dominant influence on the European community. It upholds the responsibilities resulting from the closeness of the traditional society inside smaller social units. Therefore, intervention in the United Kingdom impersonates subsidiarity and establishes solidarity. Social insurance plan mostly dates back to the Elizabethan period when the society approved poor taxation policies (, n.d.). The conservatives operate inside the limitations involving xenophobia in the immigration policies. At the same time, the people reviewed the immigration policies in reaction to the 2001 riots where immigrant criminal offenses were prominent in the Northern English cities (Young, 2003, p. 452). Following the adoption of social policy, the generation of immigration staff has received economic prosperity, legal equality, as well as discrimination inside the borders of the country. According to Spicker (1991, p.10), the government features policies in coping with the success of the economy. This involves outdated manufacturing industry. This is because the manufacturing efforts of the government were ignored in the workforce (,